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taken. | tsukishima kei
"Hotaru, you asshole."
Tsukishima, from his spot on the couch besides your form, visibly twitches at your words. It is not so much as the comment that is obviously aimed at him — he knows he is an asshole, after all — that rattles him, but at the notion of how you opt to misspell his name when you clearly know he hates it. How long have you two been dating again? Has he not gone over this before?
He scowls, and lets out a nose of disapproval. "What's with you, idiot? I thought we went over this a week ago," he chips.
You, on the other hand, lays down on the couch which space is entirely covered by your body, hands quickly scrolling through Tsukishima's Instagram account (and let me tell you, it takes a lot of begging, threatening and bribing to force that jerk to install — and later make his own — Instagram). Your whole being is still humming in excitement at the date you just went not more than an hour ago, but it tampers down as soon as you decid
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news. | nicolas brown
This was probably long overdue.
But this was more than nothing at all.
She took a deep breath, squared her shoulders, and pushed open the door to reveal a hunky figure sitting on the chair by the bed, the ever-present book of sign language in hand whenever he was home. Already the sight of him was enough to let nervous sweat break through the pores on her skin, and seeing his eyes on her as he averted them from the book doubled the emotions that was running rampant through her.
She fidgeted on her spot, not knowing what to say or do when he broke the silence with moderate movements of his hands, signing to her: ‘What’s wrong?’
He couldn’t hear even if she decided to bawl at that moment, but his sharp eyes could see very well, and she knew that he wouldn’t like it if she cried. He literally raised hell on the guys who had tried to grope her in that market a few days ago, and she wanted no repeat of those actions a second time; but this was different.
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Experimental Writing
There are a lot of ways one can do to get rid of unwanted pests, with one of them being a strong, mind-blowing, nose crushing kick to the face.
The guy lands on his back, broken nose steadily streaming thick, red liquid as you come down from adrenaline high, getting your breath in check. You haven't exerted that much energy in a while, and it feels good to let off some steam, albeit in an unnatural way. Though, they are asking for it, if the open window and its broken hinges are anything to go by.
The guy's partner stares at his unconscious friend from his position at said window, knees already buckling under him even though he does try to keep that angry facade up. But you don't care; if these sons of a poor excuse of a bitch want to mess with you, they should know better than to try to aggravate a strange new resident on their first day in town.
"You—" the guy whips his head to know, now fully fuming; his partner is still groaning on the floor, partially out of his head. "You f
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protect. | okumura rin
Nothing is more satisfying that to hear the crack of bones under the forceful slam of a fist against the face of someone that a certain Okumura Rin really hates.
Even though he has no idea whom he just hit.
Though, with you being there, it’s easy to understand how he’ll overlook a thing like that - to him, people associating themselves with demons and bullies mean one thing to him, and that is: people like that must have lessons handed to them. Literally.
Which results in the very situation that’s currently unfolding before your eyes.
The guy’s face hit the ground before his whole body does, and he crumples on like a sack of potatoes. If only you were feeling kinder to the flashy orange Mohawk sporter beforehand, you’d spare him the pitiful smack (smack? It looks like one hell of a punch, though) that the half-demon boy beside you has delivered to him oh so gracefully. Oh, but you’re not one to complain, not when the situation involves
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episode finale. | kise ryouta
Sipping coffee in the rain, waiting for the weather to wear itself out so the sun can make its appearance again - what better way to spend the day than that?
Apparently, two heads can’t possibly think alike.
Taking scalding sips of caffeine from the yellow mug clasped in both hands, Kise sits on the high stool of the counter, watching as drops patter against the glassy surface of the slide doors, feeling himself becoming slightly drowsy just from the sound. He’s on the couch and the television set is on, displaying news on some train accident he doesn’t pay attention to; instead, he’s more focused on the gray clouds that are accumulating across the sky, how he needs a second mug of coffee because the one in his hand is turning tepid, how he’s missing physical warmth that’s supposed to be at his side right now-
The sudden piercing scream nearly makes him jump and spill the contents of his mug all over himself.
‘What the…’
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pick up lines [2]. | yuri lowell
“Hey, [Name].”
“Did it hurt?”
“Did what hurt?”
When you fell from heaven.
You were at a loss for words, spatula in hand nearly dropped due to the surprise that was marring your face. Then you turn, facing the figure that was your husband, Yuri Lowell, who was currently staring at you with a shit-eating grin on his face. “Are we really doing this again?”
“Hey, you could at least say thank you,” he said, turning you round then wrapping his arms around your torso, putting his chin on your shoulder. “It’s a really nice compliment in more ways than one.”
“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that was actually a compliment, not an overused pick up line,” you sighed, stirring the pot of stew that was currently steaming before you. “By the way, can you stop trying to get my attention for once? I’m making dinner and you’re n
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winter dreams. | kiyoshi teppei
kiyoshi teppei x fem!reader

“If you don’t get back inside, you’ll catch a cold.”
Despite having your eyes tightly closed, you choose not to crack one open in favor of peering at the intruder who dares to disturb your peace. Silence doesn’t come easily for you, and you’d like if it could be prolonged without distractions coming your way.
Unfortunately, you won’t get your wish. Not today, anyway.
Your lips quirk in annoyance, though your chest is fluttering with amusement. “Tch, Teppei, don’t you know it’s bad manners to disturb someone who’s resting?” you say, still not opening your eyes. But you can feel the shifts of the figure who’s looming over you, a smile probably gracing his face.
“You, resting? In the middle of snow?” he chuckles. Then, without warning, he leans downwards to pull you up to your feet, successfully making you snap yo
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playing tailor. | archer [emiya shirou]
archer [emiya shirou] x reader

It didn’t fit.
For a moment, you have to take a step back and wonder where on earth you’ve gone wrong with this. Surely, you’ve taken all the right measurements - even a quarter of an inch off and you’d be butchering the whole ensemble away - but why couldn’t it fit like you wanted it to?
Then it hit you; of course-
Archer was just too beefy.
The aforementioned seemed to share your sentiment. The dark suit, fitted along with the black slacks and a pair of polished leather boots to complete the arrangement, hugged his figure a little too tight for comfort. It was neat, yes, and it was perfect for the formal occasion they were going to attend, but why oh why wouldn’t it fit on his body like it was supposed to?
Never mind that he had completely dismissed the fact that you were just that bad a tailor. He could never tell that to your face.
“...It didn’t fit again, did it?” you asked
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patches. | matsuoka rin
matsuoka rin x gn!reader
One more look at the phone in hand and your resolve starts to crumble.
In retrospect, you should have seen this coming. Crushing after one of the campus’ popular athletes does come with consequences, but you’re not one who is in complete charge of their own feelings, much less controlling them. Once it blooms, either it grows or it withers; and in your case, its growth has become a problem that you can no longer contain.
Though, you should have known that rejection feels worse than what is theorized.
Like the salt water that’s suddenly flooding your senses.
You keep forgetting how on earth you’ve been at that place at some point, only that you know you need some relief, and that relief is no longer in the form of the beverage you adore so much, or the chocolate you’ve been binge eating days before, or the sappy romantic novels and movies you’ve been watching for a week since. Ever since the failed confession, all you
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Eiji, SAO Ordinal Scale by patcherinko Eiji, SAO Ordinal Scale :iconpatcherinko:patcherinko 5 0
haze. | aomine daiki
Bronze skin meet sleepy gaze as your hands fumble around in search of warmth, despite the big lump of physical heat currently cradling you close to his body, breath fanning your hair.
In the dark confines of his room, you eye the digital clock that lay motionless on the stand. Six thirty. A weekend day and you’re awake this early. You groan and bury yourself into his chest, trying to force yourself to sleep again.
Until the soft peck on your forehead force you to open your eyes again to meet navy ones.
“Morning, babe.”
You want to melt. Aomine’s hoarse voice when he’s at that brink between sleep and awake is its own level of sexiness. You cuddle closer into his figure.
“Morning, Dai. You hungry?”
A low hum vibrates from within his chest and he pulls you a tad closer to his being, ignoring your whiny complaints because this position has inevitably left you trapped tight in his embrace, his torso curling a bit over yours. But hey, he’s a gi
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no longer. | sawamura daichi
WARNING: Mentions of suicide.
*Soulmate!AU where if you’re unable to meet your soulmate when either of you are alive, your dead soulmate will come to you via a dream in spirit.
The twist here is that you only have one dream to see them.

You are afraid.
No, you’re not really afraid of anything. Well, technically, that’s a half-life - you’re not afraid of anything, but you are afraid of some things, like the fear of your parents’ death, losing your current friends, failing in that Math test you studied so hard for.
Losing the person who’s destined to be with you.
In your own words, you may consider yourself as unlucky in relationships. You’ve lost count of how many people that came and went in your life - you just know that in each of them, either they failed you or you failed them, and at some point, you were certain that happily ever after is never really meant for you.
But then there’s this term called ‘soulmate
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quies. | tsukishima akiteru, ennoshita chikara
*Soulmate!AU where you meet your soulmate in your dreams but have no clue on how they look like and the only thing you know about them is their voice and their name.
The twist here is that you have two soulmates.

There's so much on my mind
I don't know where to start
There's that light in your eye filling up the dark

The clock on the stand reads half past ten.
The moon is out, full and bright, its light filtering stubbornly into your room even though you have the blinds down to allow no illumination into your private space. Shafts of it descend on the curled form on the bed that is you, burrowed in sheets and head tucked under the pillow to prevent the glow from rendering you wide awake.
Alas, wide awake you are, and you’re not sure how you’re going to sleep even with darkness surrounding you.
But to be honest, not falling asleep isn’t the only thing you’re concerned about.
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manere. | sugawara koushi
Soulmate!AU where you become a writer and your series of novels become extremely popular, but what they don’t know is that you’re retelling your previous life through dreams where certain circumstances made it so you and your soulmate did not end up together but your soulmate promises to be with you in the next lifetime.
The twist here is it takes a while for the soulmate to remember you, and it takes you a while to remember who your soulmate is, too. But once you’ve remembered who your soulmate is, and once you’re together, the dreams will disappear.

The train gives a honk.
She stands there, perplexed, but then he juts his head out of the window and flashes her a smile. The smile that she will be dreaming about for years afterwards.
“I promise, [Name],” he shouts, despite the winds and the train’s chugging nearly drowning his voice. “I’ll be with you in the next life! So wait for me, and I’ll come looking for you-
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megane trash by patcherinko megane trash :iconpatcherinko:patcherinko 9 6
pliteole. | ushijima wakatoshi
waka-kun waka-kun
look look
[Name] has changed the chat colors.
[Name] has set the nickname to Ushijimoo.

its a pretty brown
just like u <3
[Name], what are you doing?
Shouldn’t you be in bed right now?
but i’m not sleepy
and it’s still too early
srsly waka-kun do u always go to bed at 9 sharp
I have early practice tomorrow.
Please go to sleep, [Name].
You have early classes tomorrow too.
yeesh fine fine
i’m going to sleep because of u
gnite ushijimoo
i love you
Goodnight, [Name].
I love you too.
What are you doing?
what does it look like
Get down from there please.
Why not?
because i can’t get down
it’s too high
srsly how did i climb this high
i’m not even as tall as u
We’ll be late.
i can’t get down
too high
Scoot to the left.
Then jump.
I’ll be there
So you won’t fall to the ground
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General Original Character Blank Template
Introduction of Character
Name: (First/Middle/Last)
Gender: (Male/Female/Etc.)
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: (Hetero/Homo/Bi/Etc.)
Date of Birth: MM/DD/YYYY
Date of Death: MM/DD/YYYY
Astrological/Zodiac Sign: (Western/Eastern Respectively)
Blood Type:
The Character’s Appearance
General Appearance:
(Describe your character’s physical appearance with as much detail as possible. Don’t just list off words; get descriptive with how you describe your character instead of just stating their appearance.)
Handedness: (Right/Left/Ambidextrous)
(List/describe any tattoos, birthmarks, or scars that your character has on their body.)
(List/describe the jewelry and acc
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[Mystic Messenger] MC Emojis by Jennisms [Mystic Messenger] MC Emojis :iconjennisms:Jennisms 48 2 Killy by Dmitrys Killy :icondmitrys:Dmitrys 621 71 [BSD OC] Wake Up! by Jixelioz [BSD OC] Wake Up! :iconjixelioz:Jixelioz 26 8 [BSD OC] Smile by Jixelioz [BSD OC] Smile :iconjixelioz:Jixelioz 27 9
broken. | levi
we are the h o p e of humanity
                       we cannot [ b r e a k ] down.
“--i don’t know what to say to him.”
eyes meeting with the commander’s, a quiet sigh leaves his lips, brows narrowed in thought. there’s a small hint of remorse, though he hardly lets it show through the stoic facade.
“he’s witnessed the deaths of others before,” erwin explains, voice soft, “but never his squad. your presence is enough to comfort him.”
lips pursed in a thin line, you find yourself unable to say anything in response. your superior offers you a wan smile, giving a small nod.
“go to him.”
.     .     .
it’s been days since the last expedition. you’ve hardly spoken a word to anyone, levi included.
never before has the journey been so terrible.
no one could find the right words to say, each a
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amatores. | levi
no matter how much you do, the documents seem to continue piling on. it wasn’t until the commander caught you up in the late hours, a brow raised in question before he told you to go to bed. you didn’t want to-- the paperwork wouldn’t get done anytime soon, and it needed to be processed. besides, erwin could use the help, regardless of what he said.
however, protest wasn’t an option. before you could say anything, he shook his head, offering a small smile before dismissing you, leaving you alone in the office once more.
you really could have disobeyed, but it was too difficult to stay awake. promising yourself to finish the work tomorrow, you slip into your room, eyes widening slightly at the sight that greets you. levi is already in bed-- something that rarely happens. he’s usually working much later than you are. the creak from the door wakes him up, eyes squinting before he can identify that it’s you. a disgruntled expression on sharp features, a
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veritas ( actor!au ) | levi
“i’m going to beat the shit out of you now, okay?”
the words are spoken as levi crouches before eren, arms wrapping around the other. the brunet simply lets out a hearty laugh, shaking his head at the strange gesture.
this is your job.
oddly, for such a morbid show, the cast is pretty lighthearted-- levi included. he’s nothing at all like his character. rather than seeming indifferent to everyone, he’s probably one of the nicest people you’ve met.
weird, right?
it seems so out of character-- except it’s really not. that’s just the real levi.
roseate lips curl into a faint smile as he stands up once more, the content expression fading, immediately replaced with a stoic one. posture straightening, he clears his throat before inhaling deeply, waiting for the scene to begin.
boots click against the floor as you notice the way levi’s body tenses, the distance between him and the other man closing. things are going well so far; no one is
:iconciiren:ciiren 487 43
laetus. ( modern!au ) | levi
“papa, can we go the beach?”
levi doesn’t know what it is about the water-- armin loves it. he draws the ocean all the time, though it’s really a blob of blue (but you say it’s beautiful anyway). a quiet sigh leaves his lips as he closes the book, setting it aside on the table.
“you must like the ocean a lot.”
the blond nods excitedly, a small hand grabbing his father’s. blue eyes looking up at him with a pleading look, levi struggles to keep the deadpan expression.
he wants to punch himself in the face.
damn those blue eyes.
.     .     .
“i want to go swimming!”
levi twitches, eyes narrowing slightly at eren. once he wants to do something, he won’t stop until he actually does it. that kid is determined to accomplish anything and everything.
so levi doesn’t bother protesting.
“alright,” he says with a defeated sigh, earning cheers from the trio.
so you pack for the beach. it
:iconciiren:ciiren 381 27
hiems. ( modern!au ) | levi
the miscellaneous conversations of strangers fill your ears as your boots meet the concrete in a slow pace, eyes curiously taking in the surroundings. the harsh weather causes a shiver to rush down your body, each exhale clearly seen.
levi is beside you, silent as ever. hands in his pockets, lips in a thin line, you can see a small hint of content on his features, though someone else would believe that he was angry.
you’ve been going out for almost a year now. it was weird at first-- seeing levi be so kind. it’s a side you rarely see. even now, he still remains cold at times, but you can see him struggle to keep the facade on.
humming quietly, lips curl into a smile at the comforting silence between you, attracting the attention of the male. you’ve always loved winter.
meanwhile, levi absolutely hated it.
he hated the cold more than anything but found no point in complaining. even tolerating this weather would have made him annoyed, but seeing how happy you were seeme
:iconciiren:ciiren 404 28
nitor ( modern!au ) | levi
“i hate you so fucking much.”
“you say that every single day.”
“so take a hint.”
he’s more resentful than usual, although it’s not really surprising. it’s normal for him to treat you this way-- but in this scenario, you couldn’t exactly blame him.
the normally graceful, composed levi is currently clinging onto the rail, struggling to find balance.
you thought it’d be a good idea to go iceskating. he, on the other hand, thought it was the worst idea possible. too bad he couldn’t manage to find an excuse to not go.
and here you were, trying to stifle your laughter as he attempted to remain nonchalant. he had never gone before, nor did he intend to.
“let go of the rail, levi.”
“you’re never going to learn how to skate properly, though.”
“i’m going to fall on my ass.”
lips curling into a smile, you ignore his persistent complaining and grab his hand, ign
:iconciiren:ciiren 390 31
festum. ( modern!au ) | levi
;; trigger warning: small drug mention.“do you know what today is?”
the excitement dies down immediately. eagerness displayed in those three pairs of eyes is replaced with puzzlement, glances exchanged between the siblings as they contemplate any other special occasions that could possibly overlap with the holiday.
after a minute of silence, a brow raises as a lighthearted laugh slips through pink lips, a hand gently patting their heads.
“it’s your dad’s birthday.”
the lightbulb goes off, followed by a small series of “oh”.
“where is he?”
mikasa sighs. small fingers pinch the brunet’s arm, ignoring the scowl received as she responds.
“you never listen to him, eren. he went to go help uncle erwin.”
“i do listen!”
“then why did you ask?”
ah, now armin is joining the conversation. rubbing your temples, you only allow the banter t
:iconciiren:ciiren 142 26
sourire ( modern!au ) | levi
“he’s going to be taller than me.”
you nearly spit out the tea at the statement and the fact that levi sounds genuinely worried that his kid is going to be taller. you can tease him about his height most of the time and he won’t give a shit, but if little levi is taller?
unacceptable. how dare he grow so tall?
you can feel the glare already. shooting him a smug smile, you watch the duo as the child walks (very poorly, might you add) towards his father, still learning how to balance correctly. it’s still difficult to adjust to the parenting lifestyle, considering the fact that both of you are often occupied with work. it doesn’t help much that your child is practically bouncing off the walls at all times-- though it’s more amusing that he has his father’s deadpan expression most of the time.
“does he make you feel tall? you keep towering over him.” you pointed out as you sat on the couch, arms crossed as yo
:iconciiren:ciiren 250 54
curo. ( starbucks!au ) | levi
you’ve seen him every single day.
every. single. day.
he doesn’t get coffee-- he gets tea. specifically, white tea.
do you mind?
not particularly-- he’s kind of nice, you suppose. not quite the social type.
you’re far too busy making drinks and dealing with other customers to think about him much, constantly reminding yourself of the ingredients needed to make certain beverages. eventually, the craze dies down and you’re left to clean the counters as you wait for the next rush to come in, a tired sigh released. turning around to grab the syrup, eyes widen as your body freezes at the sight.
there he is-- with that deadpan stare.
you’ve seen it a lot, but regardless, the blank expression somehow scares you every time. offering a weak smile, you put the washcloth away as you stand behind the register.
“-- how are you?”
“the same.”
“your face says otherwise.”
you really shouldn’t be saying that to a custom
:iconciiren:ciiren 445 98
colitur. ( modern!au ) | levi
it is ridiculously cold. an addition to the wonderful news?
the heater broke. of all times, it broke tonight.
shifting uncomfortably on the bed, you move carefully in order not to wake up the other. fingers clutch the blanket tightly as your jaw clenches, teeth chattering. weariness etched upon your features, your eyes check the clock before you let out a huff.
it’s four in the morning.
you’ve been lying in bed for nearly three hours. you can’t afford to lose anymore sleep-- you have to work in a couple of hours. a deep breath is taken in as you roll over on your side, a faint smile forming at the sleeping man beside you. it takes him a long time to fall asleep, but only a second to wake him up. any quick gesture disrupts his rest-- which means that you’ll have to deal with a very grumpy levi. he isn’t exactly the brightest ray of sunshine in the morning, especially when rudely awoken, but you’ve known him for too long to be frightened by his mood.
:iconciiren:ciiren 301 56
occurrentes. ( college!au ) | levi
ah, college life.
you don’t know what you should expect-- you’ve heard wild stories about partying and such, though you wonder how much of it is actually true. not that it really matters anyway-- you won’t be getting involved in any of that.
apprehension is felt as you grab your suitcase, a worried expression settling on your visage. you’ve already brought the furniture to your dorm-- you’ve just been staying home until school starts. there’s only one more day until it begins, unfortunately-- so you’ve brought all your necessities.
leaving home is exciting-- it’s nice to get away from your parents for a bit and be independent. you would have preferred to live alone, which was the case, until the resident assistant told you that you would be getting a roommate. not really bad news, you suppose. maybe you would have a friend.
there’s no point in lying-- you’re actually a little afraid of meeting them. you’re hoping
:iconciiren:ciiren 381 63



Three anxiety attacks
In one fucking week

Oh wow gee life sure is great haha
I can't wait for May 20
Blame! movie hype
I'm torn
I'm thinking of quitting DA and writing altogether
But then I see these piles of awesome anime I haven't watched
And then university butts in with full force

Along with my lecturer's words:
"University ain't like diploma level."

I'm fucked if I don't step up my game.
Summary of my staying in uni up until now

- oh wow is it 2 months already time flies by so fast
- i cant understand education history help me
- why did these idiots appoint me as class rep i aint that charismatic or cool
- i want to go home already

I swear uni will kill me by the time I reach finals week
Well, I don't think I deserve to be mad.
People say a lot of things when they're tired, after all.


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I am an average writer with a terrible lack of grammar. I am procrastination at its very definition.

Jokes aside, hi, welcome to my humble abode. Look around, have fun, and shoot me a message if you want to ask anything.

P.S: Requests for lewd stuff will result in you getting blocked and reported on the spot, unless if I state otherwise (and unless if I know you).


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